Scott overseeing delivery of material with Sean

Queensland Manufacturers iOrthotics and Guilda Plastics team up to find a use for waste material otherwise destined for landfill

iOrthotics are a leading manufacturer of custom 3D printed orthotic devices. iOrthotics and its subsidiary 3D print bureau (i3dps) operate three HP Multi Jet Fusion industrial 3D printers, exclusively using PA11 nylon powder, derived from renewable caster bean plants. Whilst the majority of this PA11 powder is recycled in the print process, a small proportion is unsuitable for print.

Environmental considerations and waste reduction have been key drivers in our move to additive manufacturing, but finding someone to recycle this excess powder has been challenging. Finally, local manufacturer Guilda Pty.Ltd helped out by analysing our material and assessing its suitability for alternative uses. We’re delighted to have now entered into an agreement with Guilda, who will process and re-use this stock.

Guilda Plastics is a family business with operations in Queensland and Victoria, employing over 30 people. Their state-of-the-art facilities formulate and manufacture colouring additives for use in the plastics industry. These additives produce the identifiable colours of everyday products such as wheelie bins and drink containers, which is fundamental to brand recognition.

Guilda CEO, Scott Nekker, was most helpful in facilitating this recycling project and was on hand to receive the first batch of recyclable material from i3dps Sales Development Manager, Sean Hyde. Scott is shown here with some plastic safety products likely to incorporate our excess powder. Taking our recycling one step further, the material is stored and transported in recycled containers supplied by Tilkey Drums!

Scott overseeing delivery of material with Sean
Scott overseeing delivery of material with Sean
Drums of material on forklift at Guilda
Close up automotive safety products
Scott Nekker with plastic safety products