About Us

Established in 2009 in Mackay, Queensland, iOrthotics has developed into Australia’s premier destination for custom made orthotic devices for podiatrists. We pride ourselves on creating orthotic solutions that make life easier for you, your patients and your clinic. All of our orthotics are designed with your patients in mind and are fully custom designed to their feet. Plus, we ensure all orders are manufactured and sent out within 3-5 working days.

As podiatrists, you need to trust the orthotic device you provide your patients. At iOrthotics, we use quality materials, leading technologies and superior manufacturing techniques to create an orthotics device that will provide your patient with the support that they need.

Orthotics are custom-made foot supports tailored specifically to fit your feet. Your podiatrist will take a 3D foot scan or plaster cast of your feet to capture the exact shape of your feet. The foot scan, along with your orthotic prescription, are sent to iOrthotics to make your custom-made devices.

Why choose iOrthotics for your business?

Industry-best lead times

For both 3D printing & EVA with no compromise on quality

Tailored prescription training


for every user

Real-time online tracking

Clinic to lab


Ongoing research & development

So your orthotics are always made from

the best materials,

using the best processes

Complete customisation, accuracy and quality

We stay flexible to your custom orthotic needs with 0.1mm accuracy


Environmentally sustainable

materials  & printing,

backed by research

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What makes a quality orthotic?

A quality orthotic starts with a thorough understanding of your patient’s pathology, biomechanics, footwear and lifestyle. This information, along with a precision scan, can be used to formulate the ideal prescription.

At iOrthotics, we have several podiatrists refining our prescription form and processes, to ensure our clients can get exactly what they want. With a quality scan, script and the design complete, the remaining work is done on the orthotic manufacture.

iOrthotics have researched and developed the most reliable and trusted methods of 3D printing and tested materials at university facilities. We have for taken on board feedback from both clinicians and their patients to ensure we are at the forefront of world-leading medical materials.