iOrder Platform

iOrthotics has developed a state-of-the-art ordering software platform, offering more transparency to our practitioners and clients with real-time tracking for every order.  You can simply log in to their online dashboard to view patient scans, designs, scripts, order tracking, and billing details.

This has been instrumental in providing a seamless process in reducing lead times and improving orthotic quality.

  • Features of our 3D foot scanning technology
  • Access patient designs and prescription previews before printing
  • Full step-by-step visibility
  • Seamless integration & billing transparency
Design Preview
Order Tracking

iOrthotics ERP

Delivering results for you and your patients


The purpose-built iOrthotics scanning application integrates seamlessly with our 3D laser scanner and iPads to upload scans and patient details instantly to your personal iOrthotics dashboard, ready for the finishing touches to the prescription. This system completely eliminates the need to manually back-up scans and paper based prescriptions on your PC. All data is available at anytime in the iOrthotics iOrder platform.

Design Preview

The ability to view your patient’s designs prior to them being manufactured gives the ultimate control to the practitioner. This automated process allows the designer and Podiatrist to communicate design changes seamlessly. This gives Podiatrists the next best experience to designing their own device, without investing hours of their own time and effort.

Order Tracking

iOrthotics has developed the iOrder platform that allows our team to update the status automatically through the manufacturing process utilising QR scanning.  This ensures our clients have real-time visibility of status of their orders from their dashboard and once an order has been shipped you will receive an email confirmation providing tracking details.


Our web based invoicing platform is easy, accurate and is a seamless experience in providing you with your order details plus payment options via credit card (or other payment options) for a seamless account experience. Account statements and payment history are also easily accessible.

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The iOrthotics scanning application

With efficiency for our clinicians as a top priority, we have simplified the scanning and ordering process for custom foot orthotics.

Our purpose-built scanning tool allows you to take scans and instantly upload them to the iOrthotics iOrder platform without the hassle of transferring files between computers. An order is created instantly, so you don’t lose track or forget to submit the order for your patient.

Key features

  • No double-handling of information and ‘remembering to submit orders’
  • Sign-in to your clinics’ iOrthotics account directly from the scanning tool
  • Search for existing patients, or create a new patient
  • Patient details are auto-populated into the scanning software
  • Files are automatically uploaded to iOrthotics, and the order process is started instantly

Scanning App for iPad

With iOrthotic’s new iPad app, you can produce accurate models of your patients’ feet and upload them directly to your iOrthotics account* for a custom foot orthotic prescription. Using your Occipital Structure Sensor** attached to your iPad, the app allows you to create or select a patient then scan your patient’s feet easily and efficiently in a matter of minutes. Your scans, along with any additional photographs you provide, are then stored in your account for you to create a prescription from at a later time.

* You can only use this app if you have an account with iOrthotics.
** This iPad app requires a Structure Sensor by Occipital

Scan your patient’s feet directly into iOrthotics using an iPad and Occiptal’s Structure Sensor

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