About us

Established in 2009 in Mackay, Queensland, iOrthotics has developed into Australia’s premier destination for custom made orthotic devices for podiatrists. We pride ourselves on creating orthotic solutions that make life easier for you, your patients and your clinic. All of our orthotics are designed with your patients in mind and are fully custom designed to their feet. Plus, we ensure all orders are manufactured and sent out within 3-5 working days


How we lead the industry



Our unique manufacturing processes help to ensure we deliver quality, custom made orthotics to your business on time, every time.



We’re focused on reducing the scale and scope of the environmental impact of plastic and rubber based materials and products in the podiatry industry.



Incorporating university based testing and research, we’ve invested heavily in the development and process of highest quality orthotic devices.

Leading the way in technology

In addition to using the latest digital foot/cast scanning, computer aided design (CAD), and computer aided manufacturing (CAM), we are leading the industry in 3D printing.

Over the past 18 months our lab has investigated materials, software, hardware and design processes to ensure our podiatry clients will receive a product not simply equal, but superior to traditional polypropylene.

Most notably, iOrthotics have been working with the Research Fellows from the University of Queensland’s School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering (Advanced Materials) to test the stress and strain properties of our EnviroPoly material. This study will help guide further development and allow us to produce higher quality, research driven devices.


Leading the way in sustainability

iOrthotics is committed to a more sustainable future for our industry and the environment.  We have moved away from unsustainable subtractive manufacturing processes and now lead the industry in additive manufacturing (3D printing). Through 3D printing, iOrthotics has been able to transition to almost zero waste for rigid orthotics, compared to traditional polypropylene devices.

When a podiatrist chooses EnviroPoly, there’s over a 99% reduction in waste compared to milled polypropylene orthotic devices. By improving our manufacturing methods, we’re able to create a more environmentally friendly and sustainable product. Not only are our 3D printed orthotics good for the environment, they’re lighter, thinner and stronger than ever.

Leading the way in manufacturing


Our purpose built, state-of-the-art facility produces the highest quality devices with the lowest turn-around times in the industry. Our laboratory utilises advanced orthotic design software and digital manufacturing to produce high quality products that are unique as your patient’s feet. We build and design your patient’s custom made orthotic device to your specifications. For an extra touch, we are able to customise each orthotic device with your own clinic branding.

We use both EVA and 3D printed orthotic devices. Our EVA orthotics are available in three different densities and can be customised with a range of additions and postings. As an alternative to polypropylene, our new EnviroPoly approach, is leading the industry in additive manufacturing.