We Are Leading The Way

As Australia’s leading orthotic design & 3D-printing service means we go far beyond using seamless processes and superior materials to create a premium product that your patients will love. It’s about giving you, the clinician, a seamless experience from the moment you take your scan to the moment your orthotics are delivered to your door with the lowest turnaround times. We’re here to support your team, support your business, and take Australian orthotics to the next level.


Get access to our full range of premium technologies from world-leading, sustainable orthotic materials to the custom-built platforms developed through years of feedback and testing.

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The environmental impact of orthotics matters to us. We save nearly 2kg of waste per pair of orthotics by using our 3D-printing technology, saving tons of waste and carbon emissions annually.

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Full precision and customisation to deliver what you want, the way you need it. Want to add your clinic branding to your orthotic? No problem.


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Your success is our success, and your satisfaction is our priority. We take the time to understand clinicians to help keep what’s important to you at the forefront of what we do.

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Keeping you at the forefront of orthotic innovation

Innovation to us means combining years of feedback tailored to you and your patient needs. We use the world’s best materials for functionality, durability and product that are safe for the environment. We then add our custom-built platforms and integrations – to deliver a transparent, seamless custom orthotic service that grows businesses.

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Built for practitioner and clinical use

iOrthotics have been developing state-of-the-art ordering software over the past four years. This bespoke platform allows more transparency to the consumer than ever before in the orthotic industry. It also provides live tracking of workflow within our manufacturing facility, enabling more traceability and clarity for every order. This has been instrumental in reducing lead times to an all-time low, and improving our quality standards.

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In the last 365 days...

60,000 + kgs

Plastic Landfill Saved

50,000 +

Patients Served

10 +

Countries Supported

3.45 days

Average Lead Times

Meet our team

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