3D Foot Scanners

To create our orthotics, we recommend podiatry or orthotic clinics use true 3D laser scanners. iOrthotics provides podiatry clinics with the option to purchase or rent 3D laser scanners. We can also accept plaster casts and foam bases.


Features of our 3D laser foot scanners

  • Non/semi and full weight-bearing scans

  • Standard Hardware and Software

  • Scan foam impressions and plaster casts

  • Software is quick to install and easy to use

  • Training and support available through our lab

  • Scanner can be used on multiple computers

  • 3D foot metrics - shoe size, arch type, heel type

  • Scanner can be mounted vertically for non weight-bearing scans or on a floor mount trolley

  • Foot report and annotation with diagnosis

  • Heel/leg bisection for neutral position

Laser scanners can be rented or purchased. Contact us today for pricing options.


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