Made for your feet

Orthotics are custom-made foot supports tailored specifically to fit your feet. Your podiatrist will take a 3D foot scan or plaster cast of your feet to capture the exact shape of your feet. The foot scan, along with your orthotic prescription, are sent to iOrthotics to make your custom-made devices.


Podiatrists prescribe orthotics for a variety of pain issues.
Below is a simple, non-exhaustive list of common conditions.


Flat Feet

Hyper-mobile pronated flat feet causing muscle overuse pain

Arch Pain

Plantar fascial strain, Abductor Hallucis Brevis overuse, osteoarthritis

Heel Pain

Plantar fasciitis (spurs), plantar heel bursitis, Severs disease

Forefoot Pain

Including Morton’s neuroma, toe problems-hammer, elevatus, claw toe

If you experience any of these conditions, you may need orthotics for your feet.

What makes a quality orthotic?

The key to a quality orthotic is that the device is custom made to meet the individual biomechanical requirements of each patient. Off the shelf shoe inserts and generic moulded orthotics will not provide your feet with the personalised support and desired results you are after.


When your podiatrist uses an iOrthotics product, it is always custom made, using quality materials. Your podiatrist can choose between EVA and EnviroPoly materials, depending on the purpose of the device. Plus, they can make adjustments to each device, such as adjusting the heel height or skiving.

Our orthotic builder form allows your podiatrist to choose from a range of additions, which can help to provide you with the support you need. Before we finish your orthotic, our lab technicians will grind down the device to remove any rough cuts and ensure that it is the right length and height for your foot.

Finally, your podiatrist can choose between different top cover colours to give you a device that is 100% made for you.


Common types of orthotics



iOrthotics traditional EVA orthotics are available in three different densities and are suitable for running shoes, work boots, work shoes and medical needs.



Whether you’re a professional athlete or everyday enthusiast, sometimes your feet need a little extra support.  We make orthotics for running shoes and football boots.



Our orthotics can be suitable for the treatment of foot pain and provide pain relief in patients who have diabetes, arthritis, pes planus, gait plates and other medical conditions.



If you work in office or on a job site, our orthotic devices will help provide the extra support you need to get through a long day of work on your feet.